Providing Thermal Design Solutions for Wet-cooling Towers

I am consulting in the design and performance of wet-cooling towers. I can solve for the thermal performance for the following four types of wet-cooling towers:

Natural Draft Counterflow Cooling Tower

Natural draft cooling tower

Mechanical Draft Counterflow Cooling Tower

mechanical draft counterflow cooling tower

Mechanical Draft Crossflow Cooling Tower

mechanical draft crossflow cooling tower

Hybrid Dry/Wet Cooling Tower

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My Competitive Advantage

The thermal performance of the cooling towers is solved with my proprietary in-house software, based on the very comprehensive two volume book about cooling towers by the late Prof D.G. Kröger. The title of his book is:

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers: Thermal-Flow Performance, Evaluation and Design, PennWell Corp., Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2004.

My award winning peer-reviewed published research, summarised in the About Me section, is also incorporated into the software. Most of the research is presented in my PhD thesis, found here. My published cooling tower research is cited by the Encyclopaedia of Engineering and Technology. Most noteworthy, it is extensively cited by the authoritative German based VDI Heat Atlas.

From the back-cover, The Springer VDI Heat Atlas (VDI Wärmeatlas) is one of the most important established books in matters of heat transfer engineering. For more than 50 years it has been an indispensable working means for engineers dealing with questions of heat transfer, and it is well-established for industrial engineering in Europe and worldwide.

The software that I employ is developed by myself and it is based on models that are recommend by industry leading publications.

What can the software solve?

The most common uses for the software are:
  • Calculate the water output temperature, or water cooling range
  • Calculate the heat rejection rate
  • Calculate the water evaporation rate
  • Conduct detailed thermal design verification
  • Conduct cooling tower sizing and thermal design
  • Optimization to one or more design parameters

The software is ideally suited to answer all those “what-if” questions asked by engineers about cooling towers. Some of the questions the software can answer are:
  • What effect has changing ambient conditions (temperature, humidity and inversions) on cooling tower performance?
  • The software can help to generate missing or outdated cooling tower performance curves.
  • What will the effect on tower performance be if the fill is removed?
  • What will the performance of a mechanical tower be if the fan fails?
  • What can be done to increase cooling tower performance?
  • Will the cooling tower be able to handle an increased cooling load?
  • What will happen if the water flow rate is increased?
  • What modifications can me made to the cooling tower to meet a specific cooling load?
  • What will the performance be with a different fill?
  • What size dry section is necessary for visible plume abatement in wet/dry cooling towers?
  • What size wet section is required to achieve the peak design load in dry/wet cooling towers?
The user manual, found here, will give you a very good idea of the capabilities of the software. Page 45 of the user manual gives an example of the software output. Many more design outputs, not mentioned above, are presented.

Consulting Services

Contact me on the link at the bottom of any page if you need consultation services on the thermal performance and design of wet-cooling towers.